"Dalubhasa sa wika, malalim sa pilosopiya, may puso sa dukha, idealistang nangarap ng magandang daigdig, mamalikmatahin niya ang mambabasa upang pagkaraa'y matuklasan nitong ang mata'y tinamaan na ng liwanag ni Lazaro Francisco."

Rogelio R. Sikat

Philippine Studies, April 1970

"When the history of the Filipino novel is written, Lazaro Francisco is likely to occupy an eminent position in it. Already in Tagalog literature, he ranks among the finest novelist since the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to a deft hand at characterization, Francisco has a supple prose style responsive to the subtle nuances of the ideas and the sternest stuff of passions... his passionate involvement in the problems of the nation, particularly of its oppressed sector, has given breadth and depth to the totality of his literary works."

Bienvenido Lumbera

Book of the Philippines, 1976

"A master of the Tagalog novel, Lazaro Francisco stands head and shoulder above his contemporaries. In novels like Maganda Pa Ang Daigdig and Daluyong, this nationalist writer championed the cause of the peasantry, exposed their exploitation by landlords and alien traders and denounced the evils of the tenacy system."

Nick Jaoquin

Sunday Inquired, September 11, 1988

"It is not for his sentiments that Lazaro Francisco should be honored; it is for his craft primarily. A writer can have the noblest sentiments in the world but if his works are not disciplined by art, he is nothing more than a well-meaning propagandist."

Adrian Cristobal

The Breakfast Table

Philippine Daily Inquired

July 10, 1998

"I have always been an admirer of this great Filipino novelist, from way, way back to my late elementary grades --- that was in the late 1920s. In my esteem, Lazaro Francisco deserves to be a National Artist. His pen dignifies the Filipino accents all the positives about the Filipino way of life. His writings have contributed much to the formation of a strong Filipino nationalism."

Teodoro F. Valencia

Over a Cup of Coffee, April 8, 1980