1. BINHI AT BUNGA, published in Liwayway in 1925 and won 3rd price in the 1st Liwayway Novel writing contest in 1926. Adapted for the stage by the "Samahang Sarsuela Gabrie," of Manila. Published in book form in 1927.

2. CESAR, published in Liwayway in 1926 and adjudged 2nd prize winner, 2nd Liwayway Novel writing contest.

3. AMA, published in 1929 in Liwayway. Adapted for stage by the "Samahang Sarsuela Gabriel". The premiere showing was held during the Cabanatuan town fiesta of 1930 undar the patronage of Dona Catalina Tinio. Jose Corazon de Jesus (King of Balagtasan) and Atang de la Rama (Queen of the Stage) in stellar roles.

4. BAYANG NAGPATIWAKAL, published in Alitaptap from 1931 to 1932. Later, to be rewritten under the title, "Ilaw Sa Hilaga".

5. SA PAANAN NG KRUS, serialized in Liwayway in 1934. Received the "widest and loudest public approval". First Tagalog novel ever given a national scope, because at the behest of Fon Ramon Roces, the novel was translated and published in 4 sister weeklies of Liwayway --- Bannawag, Bikolnon, Bisaya and Hiligaynon Adapted for the stage by SSG and filmed by Parlatone Films with Rogelio de la Rosa, Carmen Rosales and Rosario Moreno in stellar roles. The author was adjudged"Novelist of 1934" by Ilaw at Panitik. Don Ramon Roces had the book printed in book form as an offering of his publication to 33rd Eucharist Congress held in Manila.

6. ANG PAMANA NG PULUBI, serialized in Liwayway in 1935 and adapted for the stage by SSG. It was filmed by the Philippine Films under the direction of Eduardo de Castro with Alma Bella and Jose Padilla, Jr. in lead roles. Another box-office hit of the 30s.

7. BAGO LUMUBOG ANG ARAW, serialized in Liwayway in 1936 and adapted for the stage by SSG. Filmed by Parlatone Films with Rogelio de la Rosa and Elsa Oria in stellar roles. A box-office hit.

8. SINSING NA PANGKASAL, serialized in Liwayway from 1939 to 1940 and adapted for the stage by SSG. It was filmed by the Acuna-Zaldarriaga Films and directed by Don Jose Nepomuceno with Serafin Garcia and Rosario MOreno in lead roles. Won top prize for the novelist in the 1st Commonwealth Literary Contest of 1940.

9. ILAW SA HILAGA, serialized in Liwayway from 1946 to 1947. Adjudged the best novel written during the fisrt 5 years of the Philippine Republic. Acclaimed by literary critics.

10. SUGAT NG ALAALA, published in Liwayway in the 1951. Adjudged "Nobelang Ginto ng 1951" by the Kalipunan nang Pambansa ng mga Alagad ng Sining. Regarded by critics as the best Tagalalog novel written about the 2nd World War.

11. MAGANDA PA ANG DAIGDIG, serialized in Liwayway in 1956. A critically-acclaimed novel and regarded by many as the author's masterpiece along with its sequel, Daluyong.

12. DALUYONG, published in serial form in Liwayway in 1961, cited by the editors as "Isang Tunay na Obra Maestra" and the author billed sa "Nobelista ng mga Nobelista". The author was awarded a Gold Medal by the Panitik ng Kababaihan in 1961 as "Nobelistang Taon".

Short Stories

1. DEO, First Prize, Short Story Writing Contest, Sampaquita, 1927

2. ANG BETERANO, Alitaptap, 1931, included in at least 10 anthologies and acclaimed as a "classic".

3. ANG IDOLO, Pipit-puso, 1932

4. ANG PAGTITIKA, Pipit-puso, 1932

5. UTOS-HARI, Pipit-puso, 1932

6. PUWIT NG BASO, Pipit-puso, 1932



1. UTOS-HARI, a three-act play staged in 1935

2. ANG IKA-APAT NA MAGO, a three-act play staged in 1942; an adaptation from Henry Van Dyke's short story "The Other Wise Man"